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The Rules of engagement are simple:  NO rehearsals, NO scores, NO arrangements.  Just pure creative energy.  Music being created in the moment and for the moment.

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    With well over 100 years of combined professional performance experience – these amazing talents just tune into the glory of the universe and magic pours out. These are classically trained, rock hardened, jazz improv, world music, street wise consummate professionals. They speak to one another and hear each other in a language that crosses genres and styles, and we, the lucky listeners get to revel in this beautiful and unique conversation. Listening to a live performance is a special and unique musical treat. As a piece starts, it begins to morph. You wonder what is going on as the sound seems to collapse into total Kaosz… but emerging from that musical melee, a new riff, or the scratch of the DJ needle, or a vocal line, or a new backbeat emerges.. and coalesces…  the Kaosz dissipates, taking on new shapes and enfolding you in new textures of vibrant and sophisticated musical ideas driven by the their deep love for music itself.There really is nothing else like it in today’s music scene!

Kaosz Theory are a unique tribe of LA studio musicians.  Although you may not realize it, you have been listening to them for many years. If the music is being recorded in LA, there is a good chance one of these world class musicians is on the session playing, arranging or even composing.

The members of Kaosz Theory often play with Southern California’s leading orchestras as well, including the LA Philharmonic, the Long Beach Opera, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra among others.

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